This beautiful painting is 2 and a half feet wide and 2 feet long. It is displayed in a lovely light Brown wood frame. This is the story of intercession. It is the  age old battle between good and evil and how that battle is won day by day. This painting depicts  how Jesus' appearance is all it takes to chase away the evil spirits and how the human race can only win this battle by calling on the King of kings and Lord of lords. The young man in the front is on his knees not even venturing to raise his head but begging for God to show up and heal his infant.... The young lady on her knees has sensed Jesus'  presence and raised her face and her hand to worship him.  Jesus always provides for those who trust Him...Romans 8:28.  The Staircase is part of the throne of the Almighty and we know that God dwells in unaproachable light....thus the light coming from the top of the staircase. Yet Jesus IS God the Son and our dirrect connection with the Father....we can openly go befor God the father through the forgiveness of our sins by Jesus' paying the price in our place....and extending to us life and forgiveness just for the asking....and repenting of our sins...turning from God.....and drawing close to Him and learning what He expects of us and that He will make the necessary changes in us.



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