This book is  a Christian book to help children deal with bullying.  This is a story about  a little girl who has been taught by her mother to love everyone  and sees the value in everyone ...even the ones who are picking on  her..  and battles the situation properly and the children at school  learn that everyone has value in Gods eyes. She makes best friends with  another little girl who is also  mistreated at school and together they change the atmosphere in the school by how they react to bullies.  I was given the great pleasure of illustrating this book .   You  don't fnd out why Lou is being bullied until the book,  She sees everyone equal and valuable as God does. This is a brilliantly written book you  will want to have for your young children and they will appreciate the illustrations while you read it .  the author is a very good friend of mine. Ihighly recomend this book.  By author DONNA JONES.